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Over 10 years of specialty home care and private nursing experience

Homecare solutions rooted in respect, dignity & compassion.

Devoted to providing quality care across the Greater Toronto Area

At Compass Homecare, we focus on understanding your needs and commit to providing the best possible care for your unique situation. Our team of caregivers has been highly trained across multiple disciplines, while our care managers have over a decade of experience delivering care to families who are in need of support during difficult times.

No matter how stressful or overwhelming your unique circumstances are today, our team will invest the time required to act as your guide, and ease the tension in your life through the highest quality of care available in the GTA.

Sheldon Crystal

Founder Compass Homecare


who we are

Over 10 years of specialty home care and private nursing experience

After over a decade of providing quality care to over 900 clients across the GTA, the team at Compass Homecare has been able to grow into the premium homecare provider it has become.

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Leave every client better off and more comfortable than we when arrived


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To set the quality standard for homecare providers across Canada.

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At Compass Homecare, we’ve developed an approach to ensure your loved one receives the tailored care that they need for their unique circumstances.

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Our Story

"We created Compass Homecare to offer a place to find the exact care for your loved one's unique needs. So, rest easy. Your are on the right path."

Sheldon & Beth Crystal, Founders


The story of Compass Homecare was profoundly influenced by a personal family crisis. Beth’s mother, Sara, a woman of remarkable intellect, vibrancy, and selflessness was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS is a progressive neuromuscular condition that causes gradual paralysis leading to death within 2-5 years. While navigating this time, Sara wished to remain in her own home surrounded by family, friends, and familiar surroundings. United in our love for her, our family was determined to grant her wish. Leveraging Beth’s background in Occupational Therapy, we equipped the home with adaptive equipment as Sara’s needs progressed, creating a secure and accessible living environment for Sara.

As time progressed, it became clear that additional support was essential if Sara was to remain at home. In hopes of giving Sara the chance to cherish moments with her children rather than having them function in the role of caregiver, we introduced professional home care providers into her living space. However, we found that we were often the ones instructing the caregivers about Sara’s diagnosis, teaching them how to care for her needs and communicate with her in a way that preserved her dignity. We played a crucial role in facilitating consistent communication among various providers to ensure seamless care and stepped in when the caregivers were unexpectedly absent. On top of the emotional weight our family already bore, this time proved to be incredibly stressful, overflowing with uphill challenges. That being said, this tumultuous journey ultimately led us to successfully provide Sara with round-the-clock support, medical attention, and comfort, all within the familiarity of her home, surrounded by love.

Through this experience, Beth and I identified a need for a home care company that prioritizes understanding and compassion. One that listens to its client’s stories, communicates effectively with its caregivers, and empowers its team with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide dignified, respectful, and compassionate care. Equipped with Beth’s extensive experience in rehabilitation, my lifetime of business expertise, and Sara’s exceptional wisdom and strength propelling us forward, we established Compass Homecare. We did this to guide individuals like you directly to the exceptional care you deserve. So, rest easy, and let our experience, determination, and compassion be your compass through this time.

"My mom connected with her caregiver right away. She's family now."

-- Compass Homecare client

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