After over a decade of providing top quality care to families across the GTA, the team at Compass Homecare has been able to grow into the premium homecare provider it has become.

“I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to the whole Compass Homecare team on behalf of my family for your incredible support and guidance throughout my Mom’s illness. Beth was truly a guiding light for all of us, helping us through critical times, providing important information about ALS and helping us make the right decisions for my Mom’s care. Dealing as a family with an illness such as ALS is an overwhelming and frightening experience, Beth you played such a supportive role for my Mom, always there as a kind and thoughtful ear for her providing comfort and guidance. I also want to express my gratitude to the 9 caregivers that we employed in order to look after my Mom, I don’t know what we would of done without your help to employ, manage and schedule the girls 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it really would have been an impossible task for us without your help. You were there if one of the girls was sick or had to miss a shift, sorting everything out and ensuring that my Mom’s care was seamless and smooth. You really became part of our family and my appreciation for all that you did will never be forgotten by my family. Navigating the various health care institutions can be a daunting and overwhelming task, having Beth and the Compass Homecare team in our corner offered a great deal of comfort and security as they have the knowledge and expertise in dealing with health care professionals. I would highly recommend Compass Homecare to anyone or any family who is dealing with a serious health related issue to manage their care and to aggressively advocate on their behalf. All the best to you both and the whole Compass Homecare team.”


“There’s no better healthcare partner than Compass Homecare and we have the experience to prove it. Death was a new stage in our family’s life. Our first experience with our Dad’s passing was full of medical mismanagement, confusion and terrible regret and sadness. We were determined our Mom’s passing would be completely the opposite and thanks to Compass homecare it was. Compass Homecare offers a rare balance of extensive medical practice understanding and human compassion that clearly comes from having lived through their own individual experiences similar to those of their clients. Their medical knowledge and experience resulted in our quick understanding of practical, suitable options for mom with the resources at the ready once we made our choice. However living with our choice and seeing it through was where Compass Homecare’s experience and compassionate caring support was immeasurable. When our clarity of direction became foggy and our courage, energy and hope wavered, they were there often before we knew we needed it. Mom’s passing was a peaceful, beautiful and loving experience. An experience that, we believe, simply was not possible without Compass Homecare.”


“Palliative care of a loved one in the home can be a very difficult experience. My family recently lived this. At first we worked with Compass Homecare as a supplement to the government support we received for nursing and personal support. We found that the care and service we received was far superior and although it meant extra cost to our family, we decided to use only Compass Homecare. The team was so flexible in adapting to our weekly, sometimes daily changing needs. The team were not only advocates for the best care but also provided support to us as a family to get through the tough days. In a very short period of time, we felt the service providers were an extension of our family and I trusted them completely. Thank you to the whole team!”


“My family and I cannot say thank you enough to Compass Homecare! During an emotional and stressful time, Beth, Sheldon, Kim and the rest of the team stepped up to the challenge of overseeing care and support for both my parents in the last 6 months of their lives. I knew my parents were in great hands with the highly trained and professional PSWs and I was constantly informed of changes or developments in their care programs. The Compass Homecare team was very responsive and tailored programs to fit the changing needs of my family. Knowing that my parents were as comfortable as could be was very reassuring. On behalf of my family, I extend my deepest appreciation for the kindness, care and professionalism that the Compass Homecare team showed my parents.”


“When we wanted to bring my sister home from the hospital for end-of-life care, Compass Homecare came highly recommended. Erin, our main contact, stepped in and efficiently managed the situation for us. She helped us to get organized with supplies for home, and liaised with CCAC, looking after equipment and staff schedules. She was extremely responsive when I had questions, and was able to adapt quickly to changing situations. The RPN’s and PSW’s were highly trained, compassionate and a pleasure to have in our home. Erin and the Compass Homecare team were incredibly valuable in helping us through a challenging time. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring such a service.”


“Four years ago, Lynda suffered two brain aneurysms, had progressed extremely well, but was bored, had hit a plateau, was frustrated and felt isolated. Fortunately, I contacted you for help. You assessed the situation and coordinated an excellent team of occupational, physical and speech therapists with a back up trained personal support worker. This strategy has provided continuity of care with communication between the separate disciplines covering all necessary motivation and action. Lynda now feels she is spending her time in a productive manner, delighted in working with all the professionals, in particular with the ‘speech language pathologist’, feels far more motivated, becoming considerably more involved with the home and the world around her. She is also smiling again. Your approach of having goal setting sessions with Lynda, realizing for this to work she must have considerable input into her own therapy, which is especially feasible now her ability to express herself has been improved. I greatly appreciate this most successful of approaches. I especially appreciate your total involvement in her ongoing care and the concern that you both give. Lynda and I thank you, being delighted with her accelerated progress towards recovery and have become as a result of your efforts, excited about the future.”


“We found ourselves urgently needing night-time care for my mother-in-law whose condition was deteriorating rapidly. Compass Homecare’s response was unbelievably quick. The same day I called they were there to assess the situation, and that evening we had the care in place. We found the people they provided to be kind, effective and reliable. We would not hesitate to recommend their services.”


“Beth, thank you sincerely for coming today and for the very informative talk to our Community. Your experience as an Occupational Therapist and the services that Compass Homecare offer are exceptional. We appreciate the time that you spent with us today, and there is hope in our Community that those who attended will share this information with others with a view to enlightening and helping those in need who did not attend. Also the goodies that you brought were delicious; you are a special lady and I dearly hope that our paths will cross once again in the future. Again our thanks for being with us.”


“Compass Homecare was very helpful in locating a caregiver to look after our father who suffers from Alzheimers. During the short time the caregiver worked with our family she made very certain that our father was well taken care of. She was conscientious and warm in all her dealings with him and our family. Her care provided peace of mind during a difficult time.”